Spotlight is back again!

Do you think you have it in you to become 'SaPaStar' and record a single with The Thayir Sadam Project?

Then the time is now! Send in your links by registering in the form below! We look forward to listening to you!


Spotlight 2019-20 Registration Link


  • Duration of the performance should not exceed 5 minutes
  • Recording must be a fresh one, recordings from previous performances will not be accepted
  • Recording must be clear and in mp3 format only
  • Recording must be uploaded on Google Drive/SoundCloud/Dropbox and link must be copied in the space provided in the form (please make sure to give permission to access the file)
  • Finalists of previous edition are allowed to participate, winners of the previous edition are not.
  • Only students from invited schools can participate
  • Last date for submission of recordings is 7th October 2019
Indian Classical Vocal solo 
  • Carnatic and hindustani classical music fall under this category
  • No devarnamas, bhavageete and related devotional/film pieces
  • Only accompaniment allowed is tanpura (manual/electronic)
Indian Light Classical Vocal solo
  • Bhavageete, devarnamas, devotional and light classical pieces from films are permitted
  • Only accompaniment allowed is tanpura (manual/electronic)
Indian Instrumental solo
  • Carnatic or hindustani music played on instruments is allowed in this category
  • No film songs permitted
  • Percussion instruments like mridangam, tabla do not fall under this category
  • Only accompaniment allowed is tanpura (manual/electronic)
Percussion solo 
  • All percussion (Indian and International) falls under this category
  • Only accompaniment allowed is tanpura (manual/electronic). No lehera for tabla.
Group Performance
  • A team of minimum 2 persons and a maximum of 6 persons is allowed
  • It can be Indian/International music
  • Vocals/instruments are allowed
  • If it is an original composition, please apply in that category
International Music Vocal solo
  • Vocal music from any genre except Indian music falls under this category
  • It can be western classical/pop/rock/folk/ any other international music
  • Singing on a karaoke track is not allowed, self-accompaniment is permitted
International Music Instrumental solo 
  • Instrumental Music from any genre excluding Indian music falls under this category
  • It can be western classical/pop/rock/folk or any other international music
  • No percussion instruments like drums in this category
  • No pre-recorded music allowed
Original Composition
  • It can be Indian/International music or a mix of the two
  • No recorded music or loops allowed
  • Maximum song duration is 5 min
  • No explicit lyrics; if found, team will be disqualified
  • It can be solo or group, maximum of 6 persons per group
  • Mashups of existing songs and improvisation without structure do not count as Original Composition
  • There will be one winner from each category - the 'SaPaStar' and one overall grand prize winner
  • Finalists will have the opportunity to attend a mentoring session by Dr. L. Subramaniam and Kavita Krishnamuthi Subramaniam
  • Grand prize winner gets to studio record and release a single with The Thayir Sadam Project
  • Outstanding performers will get a free scholarship with SaPa for a year
  • All participants will receive certificates and trophies